New Era Portfolio

Joseph L. Garcia, CEO / Principal Mr. Garcia is the lifelong, serial entrepreneur whose vision, drive and risk tolerance have helped to take New Era Portfolio from a small 5 person fine art publishing house to the eminent source for fine art and specialty manufacturing of image-based products. He is the first to point out his team matters most.

Nick Nichols, Design Director / Principal with 15 years in art business, Mr. Nichols started as a regional rep for a major publisher before co-founding New Era with Mr. Garcia. The knowledge he’s garnered working with artists, analyzing the trends of style and color, developing and designing New Era Portfolio’ s collection over the last ten years remains one of the company’s greatest assets.

  • Imaging + Prepress- managing the work of our 70+ artists and client generated images
  • e-Com- working on frontend design, internet marketing, web development programming, content management
  • Client Care- overseeing order generation through fulfillment
  • Printing + Curation- creating our fine limited editions and images on various substrates
  • Framing- building each unit, by hand, one-by-one
  • Shipping- handling hundreds of orders each week
  • Administrative- Accounting+ HR